U.S. Casualties in Operation Iraqi Freedom November 2006 - History

U.S. Casualties in Operation Iraqi Freedom November 2006 - History

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U.S. Casualties in Operation Iraqi Freedom November 2006

77Total Casualties
#Service MemberAgeDate
1Pfc. Kevin J. Ellenburg2001 November 2006
2Cpl. Gary A. Koehler2101 November 2006
3Lance Cpl. Minhee Kim2001 November 2006
4Pvt. Michael P. Bridges2302 November 2006
5Lance Cpl. James E. Brown2002 November 2006
6Lt. Col. Paul J. Finken4002 November 2006
7Lt. Eric J. Kruger4002 November 2006
8Staff Sgt. Joseph A. Gage2802 November 2006
9Lance Cpl. Luke B. Holler2102 November 2006
10Cpl. Michael H. Lasky2202 November 2006
11Staff Sgt. Jason D. Whitehouse2702 November 2006
12Spc. James L. Bridges2204 November 2006
132nd Lt. Mark C. Gelina3304 November 2006
14Cpl. Kyle W. Powell2104 November 2006
15Spc. Douglas C. Desjardins2405 November 2006
16Cpl. Jose A. Galvan2204 November 2006
17U/I pending notification of next-of-kin06 November 2006
18U/I pending notification of next-of-kin06 November 2006
19Chief Warrant Officer John R. Priestner4206 November 2006
20Chief Warrant Officer Miles P. Henderson2406 November 2006
21U/I pending notification of next-of-kin06 November 2006
22Sgt. Lucas T. White2806 November 2006
23Staff Sgt. Richwell A. Doria2507 November 2006
24Lance Cpl. Ryan T. McCaughn1907 November 2006
25U/I pending notification of next-of-kin08 November 2006
26Lance Cpl. Kristopher C. Warren1906 November 2006
27Sgt. Courtland A. Kennard2209 November 2006
28Staff Sgt. Gregory W. G. McCoy2609 November 2006
29Sgt. Bryan K. Burgess3509 November 2006
30Sgt. 1st Class Rudy A. Salcido3109 November 2006
31U/I pending notification of next-of-kin11 November 2006
32U/I pending notification of next-of-kin11 November 2006
33U/I pending notification of next-of-kin11 November 2006
341st Lt. Michael A. Cerrone2412 November 2006
35Pfc. Harry A. Winkler III3212 November 2006
36Pfc. Daniel J. Allman II2013 November 2006
37Pfc. Jang H. Kim2013 November 2006
38U/I pending notification of next-of-kin14 November 2006
39Lance Cpl. Timothy W. Brown2114 November 2006
40Lance Cpl. Mario D. Gonzalez2114 November 2006
41Lance Cpl. Michael D. Scholl2114 November 2006
42Col. Thomas H. Felts Sr.4514 November 2006
43Spc. Justin R. Garcia2614 November 2006
44Sgt. 1st Class Tung M. Nguyen3814 November 2006
45U/I pending notification of next-of-kin15 November 2006
46Sgt. 1st Class Schuyler B. Haynes4015 November 2006
47Spc. Mitchel T. Mutz2315 November 2006
48Capt. Rhett W. Schiller2615 November 2006
49Cpt. John R. Dennison2415 November 2006
50U/I pending notification of next-of-kin16 November 2006
51U/I pending notification of next-of-kin18 November 2006
52Lance Cpl. Jeremy S. Shock2218 November 2006
53Spc. Bradley N. Shilling2218 November 2006
54Spc. Eric Vizcaino2121 November 2006
55Sgt. James P. Musacko2321 November 2006
56Lance Cpl. Joshua C. Alonzo2122 November 2006
57Lance Cpl. James R. Davenport2022 November 2006
58Pvt. Heath D. Warner1922 November 2006
59Sgt. 1st Class James D. Priestap3923 November 2006
60Cpl. Nicholas P. Rapavi2224 November 2006
61Pvt. Reece D. Moreno1924 November 2006
62Cpl. Michael C. Ledsome2425 November 2006
63Lance Cpl. Jeromy D. West2025 November 2006
64Staff Sgt. Daniel M. Morris2825 November 2006
65Capt. Jason R. Hamill3126 November 2006
661st Lt. David M. Fraser2526 November 2006
67Pvt. Burrows2026 November 2006
68Sgt. Jeannette T. Dunn4426 November 2006
69Lance Cpl. Schwarz2027 November 2006
70Maj. Troy L. Gilbert27 November 2006
71U/I pending notification of next-of-kin28 November 2006
72Spc. Christopher E. Mason3228 November 2006
73Cpl. Jonerik Loney2128 November 2006
74U/I pending notification of next-of-kin29 November 2006
75Pfc. Theodore M. West2329 November 2006
76Staff Sgt. Jeremy W. Mulhair3530 November 2006
77Staff Sgt. John L. Hartman Jr.3930 November 2006

Is Iraq really THAT bad?

This roundup of YouTube clips is meant to give a small sense of what it's like for the people who are killing and getting killed in Iraq &mdash a view that, limited as it is, one can't possibly get from the mainstream newsmedia.

1. Insurgents Shoot U.S. Soldier

According to the slate at the opening of this footage, it takes place on the 4th of July, 2005, so the fact it's from the perspective of a couple of insurgent snipers makes it all the more poignant. There are at least two males stalking the lone soldier, who is standing next to a Humvee on the far side of an automobile thoroughfare. They mutter to one another, perhaps discussing the optimal time to fire. We hear a sudden metallic clunk and then the soldier falls straight to the ground.

On a pro-Marines website also hosting the video, text reads, "Thank God for Body Armor!" and as the hit infantryman gets onto his feet, we see that he's unhurt. He quickly scuttles to the opposite side of the Humvee as the insurgents mutter praise to Allah. Their praise does not sound celebratory, but rather, fearful. Perhaps they expect an inevitable and massive retaliation.

2. Apache Gun Kill

This one has been around a while it's from December 2003. But this extended near-4-minute footage gives an interesting glimpse into the thought process of people on the triggers of some of the biggest guns in the world. Note the very calm, clinical voices trying to discern what the two targets are doing, what they're carrying and, ultimately, when to "smoke ’em." The men seem to be aware that they're being watched, but it's unclear they know exactly what awaits. (The Apache has the ability to monitor and track targets even when concealed.) Adding to the detachment is the Terminator-like view through the Target Acquisition and Designation System. When the guns finally go, the destruction to the human bodies is sickeningly complete and obvious, even through the infrared scopes.

3. Mortar Attack on U.S. Troops

Here, a small group of troops are outside a military compound in a vehicle when mortars start to rain down. The footage is from a soldier's camcorder, and we hear them saying, "Damn!" as the explosions go off near by. We hear the whistling of incoming mortars, and the shock & awe of the guys when mortars go off inside the compound (“Ohh, right inside the fuckin' base!"). They rush to pack up and go into the compound to help with emergency aid. In the distance inside the compound, we can hear the chaos of urgent voices and we can see plumes of smoke rising. (“We obviously pissed somebody off in the last few days.") The clip has footage of a roadside explosion spliced onto the end U.S. troops are jovial as they pass 3 apparently civilian cars, smile and wave, and then get hit.

4. Counter-ambush Operation

This dash-mounted video is straight out of Hollywood, and it makes you wonder whether war movies tell us about reality, or help shape it, or both. After an ambush, retaliation is called for. "Shoot those motherfuckers! Get some! Get some!" shouts one soldier as we zip down tight residential roads after an unseen enemy. "Get yer Sixteen up there. " Gunfire. "You stupid motherfuckers!" It's chaos, and adrenaline, and of course, death in the streets.

5. Apache Voyeur

It's not all artillery and death, though. The last two clips are glimpses of the lighter side of war. Here, the troops catch another sort of hot Iraqi action. "That's a chick." A dark figure in a convertible car with a ponytail is visible. "What's she doin'?" "She's bouncin' up and down. On him!" A burst of laughter. "I swear to god, man, this chick is going crazy on this guy, it's incredible." Indeed, with the night-vision we see it clearly. The clip is over 7 minutes long, but who knows how much time and fuel was wasted on this "operation." The woman switches positions. "Stop moving," says someone to the helicopter pilot. An official voice says, "We got activity out here but I don't think we really need to report it. appears to be fornication in the convertible." "Do a target/store and I'll be there in a second." "Oh, we're tapin' it."

6. Night Vision Donkey Sex

No commentary needed for this one.

Not all of the above items are new, but as a series, we find them powerful. We decided to exclude montages set to music. (It is possible to find these from Coalition and insurgent perspectives.)

Know of better clips? Leave links in the comments, but please do not embed them.

Watch the video: 2003 Invasion of Iraq Full Documentary. Animated History