Czech archaeologists find a Stone Age village

Czech archaeologists find a Stone Age village

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Archaeologists had long suspected that in Valdštejn, North Bohemia, there could be archaeological remains of importance. When they received the news that a lamp factory was to be built on the site, the excavations began and, indeed, the remains of a Stone Age village have been found. Archaeologists are carrying out rescue work to preserve the remains before the site is destroyed by bulldozers.

“We believe that this town could hold some interesting archaeological remains, precisely because it is documented that in the 14th century a village was found here, which in the 17th century, after the Thirty Years' War, was bought by the noble family of the Wallenstein to found a large estate. Given that we are on the shore of a lake that was filled during the Stone Age, it was likely that we could find objects from that time ”, explained the archaeologist Jan Prostředník.

The objects found revealed that the town was from the Neolithic. "We have found tools made of stone that were used to loosen stone chips to make blades or arrows to hunt animals", commented the archaeologist Pavla Mašková.

In excavations have been found numerous holes that were used to extract clay, material widely used for various works in the Neolithic. “We will surely find here remains of circular houses, the most common type of house of that time. I think we will also find ovens, warehouses and granaries that could still contain some food that can be analyzed, ”said Jan Prostředník.

Eight years ago, in the municipality of Příšovice, very close to Valdštejn, one of the largest and best preserved necropolises of the Bronze Age was found.

Starting next week, the excavated objects will be exhibited at the North Bohemian Museum, in the city of Liberec. The exhibition ‘Life and Death in Prehistory’ will show the model of an old crematorium that archaeologists have described as being of great importance for discovering burials in the Bronze Age. Containers with real mortal remains will also be exhibited.

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