First facial reconstruction performed on an Egyptian mummy

First facial reconstruction performed on an Egyptian mummy

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Thanks to the advances in technology that we currently have, it is much easier than a few decades ago to reconstruct history with more fidelity, which allows us to know many things about what life and its people were like in ancient civilizations, thus enriching part of our history and in many cases rewriting it.

These technological advances have allowed the development of different forensic techniques used today by countless scientists and archaeologists around the world, thus obtaining countless data of great importance such as the one that was carried out a few dates ago.

Dr. Matteo Borrini, forensic anthropologist and senior professor at Liverpool John Moores University, was commissioned to direct one of the most important operations in recent years, the facial reconstruction of the oldest mummy preserved in the Egyptian Museum in Florence, which, affectionately, they have christened as Kent, since although some things are known about this mummy, its lineage is not known for sure.

What can be known about this mummy is that it was a high ranking person, being able to be a priest or a noble belonging to the 18th Dynasty, the same one to which they belonged Nefertiti Y Tutankhamen, but not much else is known.

Thanks to these techniques added to others such as the CT scans that were made on the mummy "Kent" it was possible to know that when he died, he had some 50 years And with the results obtained they were able to make an exact copy of his skull, with which they were able to shape the muscles of the face one by one and make the face that most likely this mysterious character could have appeared.

As Dr. Borrini stated, he had to perform a in-depth research on the bony structures of the skull of this mummy, a process that was very difficult to do for fear of breaking it, so it would be much more complex to be able to do a reconstruction and achieve the results that have been achieved so far.

He has also stated that now that you already know how to do this kind of reconstruction interventions, will be able to take advantage of forensic investigation techniques to be able to do the same with the remains of many other men and women who have died throughout history and who have something to contribute.

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