Over 1,000-year-old skeleton found under tree after storm in Ireland

Over 1,000-year-old skeleton found under tree after storm in Ireland

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It does not happen normally but sometimes chance causes different archaeological discoveries of great depth to be made, something directly related to this entry, where we will check how something of these characteristics has happened and that is surprising at least.

A few days ago, during a great storm that arrived accompanied by very strong blizzards, it strongly hit the city of Collooney, in Ireland. The great force of the wind caused several trees to fall, something that to some extent could seem normal, especially in areas where the winds are strong and the weather is very harsh, but one of those trees revealed a great secret.

One of those trees that had fallen allowed discover the skeleton of a man who lived more than a thousand years ago, something that did not take long to attract the attention of the international archaeological community.

The archaeologists were truly fascinated with this discovery that this tree of more than 215 years old was hiding under its roots, and also hanging between them, that if it were not for this storm, it would never have been discovered.

It has not taken too long to make the first analyzes and according to the first estimates, this body belonged to a young man who seems to have died in a very violent way since the upper half of the skeleton was found hanging from the roots of the fallen tree and the legs and the rest of the lower part of the body were found under the tree, on the ground.

In addition, the body had many wounds and a large number of brands swords and daggers, as it could be determined by carrying out a primary examination of the bones found, although the origin of the wounds is completely unknown but it is clear that it is a medieval battle or a personal dispute. Be that as it may, in those years, it was already known how many of the discussions ended, ironically.

The body reveals that it was a young man with an age between 17 and 25 years old and according to archaeologists it is estimated that this young man would have lived between the years 1030 and 1200. It is also revealed that these kinds of discoveries reveal that all the ground where we step on is full of stories and also great tragedies, as in this case.

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