It's amazing what you can buy online today: Three of the most interesting lots found on

It's amazing what you can buy online today: Three of the most interesting lots found on

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There was a time, not long ago, when getting an archaeological piece was very complicated. However, in modern times, you can find almost anything online, and the online auction platform Catawiki is at the forefront of making specialty items available to everyone.

Every week they organize auctions of archaeological objects made by a team of 4 archeology specialists. Today, we explore their catalogs and discover three of the most interesting archaeological lots that have been auctioned on Catawiki.

Roman helmet (Latin: Galea).

Dated from the 3rd century BC. C., was one of the most unique archaeological finds available on Catawiki this week: a bronze helmet from the time of the Roman Republic. The helmet, which was made from a hammer bronze sheet, was designed based on the Greek Calcian helmet and, in turn, influenced the Montefortino style helmet.

The helmet was used by a Roman Legion soldier, the heavy infantrymen of the Roman army. These legions were very large in size, each legion containing around 4,500 men, although during the early years of the republican era the Roman army lacked experience and was not very successful.

TO early 3rd centuryWhen this helmet was manufactured, it was when the Republic began to take important steps. The army witnessed the first two of the three Punic wars - the first was a naval war in Sicily and Africa, and the second was victorious after the epic crossing of Hannibal's Alps at the Battle of Zama. No matter who wore this helmet, there is no doubt that it witnessed some of the most influential times in the history of the Roman Republic.

The helmet itself was in incredibly good condition, with only the left cheek guard professionally rebuilt. As a result, Catawiki experts oversaw a sale of € 18,000.

Roman mosaic of two pancratic fighters.

In Roman times, possibly the most difficult athletic game consisted of a combination of wrestling, boxing and martial arts called «pankratias«. Any form of boxing or wrestling was acceptable, as long as you didn't bite or hit your head, this was called "kakomachein«.

This week, a mosaic 1st century Roman which showed two wrestlers starting a fight. The entire scene was set on a white background, surrounded by a red square and a black border. The small tiles were used to create the opponents, colored in earth tones.

What makes this object so fascinating is its provenance. After the second manned mission to the moon, Pilot Commander Richard Gordon traveled around the world telling his story to world leaders. In response to this account, King Hassan II of Morocco gave him the mosaic to the astronaut. This surprising archaeological find was evaluated by Catawiki's team of experts and its sale price was estimated between € 32,000 and € 42,000.

Egyptian royal shabti for royal princess Nesy-Khonsu.

The princess Nesy-Khonsu he lived between 1069 and 945 BC. C .. When he died he had an epic burial, including a religious ceremony to ensure his well-being in the next world, as well as to prevent him from causing harm to his surviving family from the afterlife.

Buried next to her was a dark blue shabti that was recently put up for sale on Catawiki. The mummiform had magnificent proportions, both in figure and face, showing an unusual heart-shaped face with accentuated features. The shabti held two hoes and a basket of seeds, and around it was read a spell from the Book of the Dead.

Each of the items in this article is fascinating, but we've only shown you three of the hundreds of archaeological items sold each week on Catawiki.

Weekly, Catawiki organizes auctions from Ancient Egypt, prehistoric era, medieval / Renaissance periods, and many more! Their team of archeology experts reviews and evaluates each piece, so you can be sure that you will find something special.

Also, if you have archaeological pieces from different eras that you would like to sell, you can easily register to become a seller.

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