History of the Christmas basket

History of the Christmas basket

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Christmas baskets are a tradition in our country. These consist of a gift for the employees of the companies that entertain their workers withtypical products of this time of yearthat everyone waits with the scent of nostalgia.

Y, where do the origins of Christmas baskets date?? In Spain they have been in fashion since this fashion was established in the mid-twentieth century but its history did not originate in our country, but many centuries ago in Italy, specifically in the Roman Empire.

The Christmas basket It is inspired by a tradition from Roman times, the Sportula, which consisted in the distribution of food in a basket by the patron to his clients. The client's obligations included themorning salutatio, that is, go to greet the boss at his house. It was at this time that he was giving her the basket.

TheSportula, as is the case today,it was made up of a wicker basket although the final meaning of its delivery presented many differences since these baskets were also given away in December on the occasion of the pagan festival ofSaturnalia, and they ended up servingto offer to the god Saturn.

Years later, it was replaced by the delivery of a small amount of money that consisted of giving away one hundred quadrants. Then, at the end of the 19th century,they began to give a Christmas basketin some departments of public servants and in the mid-twentieth century the custom spread to the private sector.

Some Spanish companies began to give their employees baskets full of Christmas products, along with theChristmas extra pay. Similarly, other companies began giving away an assortment of products to specific customers.

And what are the typical products of a Christmas basket? Among the products that usually have a Christmas basket include Christmas sweets (nougat, marzipan or polvorones),sausages (chorizo, salami, salchichón, loin, serrano ham ...), cheeses,chocolates, pates or even seafood. There may also bealcoholic drinks, usuallybottles of wine and cava. These are usually carried out by food companies that each company hires in order to satisfy its employees.

In years of economic recession and continuous layoffs, the number of sales ofChristmas baskets had a big downturn but in recent years they have come back. In addition, many companies, instead of making the classic wicker basket with a multitude of products, also opt instead forgive a piece of ham along with other sausages accompanied by a few bottles of liquor in a trunk or any other type of box.

In recent times it has also become fashionable for large establishments to sort out baskets that can practically solve your life. For example, in the saleThe Countryman of Utrera (Seville) gives a different meaning to Christmas baskets every year, since it raffles on January 5 almost 500,000 euros in prizes that include a motorhome, gold bars or the payment of a mortgage, among other things.

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