History of the signs of the Zodiac and their relationship with Greek Mythology

History of the signs of the Zodiac and their relationship with Greek Mythology

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The word Zodiac has its origin in the Ancient Greece and according to astrology, "they are celestial phenomena that reflect or govern human activities," holding that each of the 12 signs of the zodiac they represent 12 basic personalities.

The signs of the zodiac have a lot to do with mythology coming from Greece and are related to a character and associated legend. Here we will see what is the origin of the zodiac signs.

Origin of the signs of the zodiac in Greek Mythology

Aries: Fire sign that always strives to achieve all its goals. Aries are energetic people who have great momentum in life. Those born under this sign respect the laws of society and have a lot of determination to do things from the beginning until they see a work full of prosperity.

Greek mythology relates it to the Golden Fleece. FrixoAfter reaching the coast, he sacrifices a ram in honor of Zeus and offers his golden fleece to the king of the place.

Taurus: They are people who are characterized by their great patience and persistence in life. Taurus are reliable and self-confident people, they always like to show affection and do good to others. Those born in this sign highly value reflection and sharing moments of happiness.

It is the bull that fell in love with the beautiful princess Europa. From that union came three sons, Sarpedon, Radamantis and the mythical King of Crete Minos.

Gemini: They are very expressive people in society and they love to learn new things in life. Geminis have a lot of mindset in their actions, but they don't have to be overwhelmed by the little things that happen. They are very clever people who value reality very much.

In mythology it corresponds to two twins that were born from an egg laid by the princess Leda of Sparta after having made love with Zeus turned into a swan: Castor and Polideuco.

Cancer: They are people who like to feel loved and respected, but they often tend to mistrust. They like to love and be affectionate, but they are always selective when it comes to offering their hearts and their great friendship.

In mythology, Cancer represents a crab that Desperately attacks Heracles, more specifically the Carcinos crab.

Leo: They really like to be dominant, what attracts and what is good, although many times they fall into the error of being a little egocentric. Although they are leaders of great courage, they are often very jealous because they always like to attract the attention of others.

In Greek mythology Leo is associated with the nemean lion, who fights Hercules within the 12 jobs you have to do. The Lion's skin was impenetrable, immune to arrows and swords, so he had to kill it with his bare hands.

Virgo: a sign of intelligence and modesty, they are people who love to work and are very fond of quality. Virgos are beings of great wisdom, they are very perfectionists, but sometimes they can fall into obsession.

In Greek mythology it is associated with Titan Astrea that she was the daughter of Zeus, and was the goddess who carried the rays of Zeus in her arms.

Libra: It is the sign of harmony and good balance, they are very charming beings and show a lot of patience, they shy away from criticism because they always like to give a positive image.

Represented by the scales of the goddess of justice, Themis, It is believed that it has its influence on astronomy that was practiced in ancient Babylon.

Scorpio: Powerful and truly determined sign that always likes to act truthfully, they appear to be calm people but they always evolve reaching the point where they sometimes like to manipulate others.

In Greek mythology it is associated with Orion, who took his eyes off out of love and walking ended up being bitten by a scorpion that caused his death.

Sagittarius: They are curious people, and they adapt to any situation because they value diversity highly. They like freedom a lot, but sometimes they can feel cornered with the situations they are experiencing.

Perhaps the one that has most clearly kept its roots with Greek mythology to this day. Sagittarius represents a centaur, magical creature, half man, half horse.

In Greek mythology, there are many centaurs, although it is not known exactly which one corresponds to the sign of Sagittarius.

Capricorn: they are very generous with others, and they show great professionalism to achieve success. They show great perseverance, but are often very shy.

In Greek mythology it refers to the goat that suckled Zeus who was called Amalthea, who in turn also defended him from the Titans. Zeus, to thank her, turned her into the constellation Capricorn

Aquarium: It is the sign of visionaries, great observers, people who stand out for their ability and talent and who can always achieve all the successes in life. Aquarians like observation and the desire to serve others.

In mythology this sign is associated with the mythical king of Ithaca, Odysseus, which appears in the Trojan War.

Pisces: It is a sign related to gentleness and loyalty, Pisces are very independent, they always like to please other people because they have a very empathic character.

Pisces are very adaptable to any place, what they must take care of is always uniformly follow the processes they execute in life.

Pisces in mythology are associated with the beginning of Christianity like two intertwined fish, looking back in time the myth of pisces comes from the war of Titans in which Zeus intervenes.

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