Regional Archeology and Paleontology Conference at the Miramar Museum

Regional Archeology and Paleontology Conference at the Miramar Museum

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The Provincial Directorate of Museums and Heritage Preservation dependent on the Ministry of Cultural Management of the Province of Buenos Aires, through the Center for the Registry of Archaeological and Paleontological Heritage, in conjunction with the Municipality of General Alvarado and the Municipal Museum "Punta Hermengo", will organize in the Miramar Museum the VI Archaeological Conference and VII Regional Paleontological Conference.

They will be carried out during the April 5, 6 and 7, in facilities of the Higher Institute of Teaching and Technical Training No. 1, with the idea of ​​participation and exchange of experiences with representatives of institutions and organizations at the national, provincial and municipal level, in heritage and education related to archeology and paleontology in this province .

The event will be structured based on discussion forums, round tables, interactive workshop and panel of speakers. In the forums, each participant individually or by group, will make a brief presentation of their work, their experiences or concerns so that they can later be discussed among all the participants.

There will be dissertations, in charge of important specialists, related to Heritage and Museums, experiences around the registry, conservation and exhibition of pieces, conferences on the past and climate change, the life of the ancient inhabitants of the region, among others.

The importance of museums in the community and their relationship with research will be another table where they will seek to expose and discuss the different activities that are being developed regionally, whether didactic or pedagogical, or the use of institutions as a study center scientists.

In round table Heritage legislation issues will be discussed with national and provincial regulations, history, application and development perspectives. Also ordinances and decrees to have a complete idea of ​​the state of affairs, at both public and private levels, with respect to the difficulties and advances regarding the application of current regulations for archaeological and paleontological protection.

The workshop scheduled within these regional conferences will provide strategies for protection and dissemination, as well as for community participation. It will be coordinated by personnel from the Center for the Registration of Archaeological and Paleontological Heritage with community and regional representatives from different sectors of the province of Buenos Aires.

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